Killer discovers police have found his victim’s dismembered body on live TV

A live news interview showing the chilling moment a killer was told police had found his victim has resurfaced on TikTok a decade after the crime.

In June 2011, Stephen McDaniel sneaked into his neighbour's apartment and murdered her, dismembering her body and disposing of her in a bin.

Several days later, Lauren Giddings was reported missing by her friends and family, with Stephen, who lived next door, being interviewed by a news broadcaster as he posed to be helping in the search.

During the interview, Stephen spoke about Lauren, saying what a nice person she was and how they had attended the same university, Mercer College in Georgia.

He went on to suggest that Lauren may have been snatched while out running, as when he and one of her friends went into her apartment, nothing appeared to be out of place.

But when the reporter asks him about the suspected body police had discovered in the car park behind the law school, his calm and calculated persona quickly changed.

A panicked Stephen tells the journalist: "I think I need to sit down."

He takes a moment to calm himself down before talking about how he hardly saw Lauren because she was doing online classes.

Police established Stephen as a potential suspect shortly after and searched his apartment

In footage from his interview with detectives, the killer was very quiet and barely offered more than one-word answers.

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During a search of his flat, police found packaging for the hacksaw that had been used to dismember Lauren's body along with the master key to the rooms in the building.

Cops also came across some of Lauren's underwear and a number of blog posts Stephen had written about torturing women, Ladbible reports.

In 2014, Stephen eventually confessed the Lauren's brutal murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Stephen appealed his conviction in 2017 but was rejected and is currently serving his sentence at Hancock State prison.

Speaking on the 10th anniversary of her death this year, Lauren's sister Katlyn said it was shocking and sad that Stephen could do what he did.

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She said: "It seemed like she might have been one of the people who was actually nice to him and gave him some attention, even though he might have been a loner.

"There's no story here about telling your kids to lock their car when they get in or don't go to this side of town.

"You know there's no 'she shouldn't have done this and it wouldn't have happened,' because you should always be nice to people, you should always be nice to your neighbours.

"Just because someone looks different doesn't mean they are. But in this case, he just was."

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