Kate Middleton is ‘super-confident’ while Prince William struggles, expert says

Prince William appears "uneasy" and "anxious" in his public appearances while his wife, Kate is "super-confident", a body language expert has claimed.

The royals have just returned from their eight-day tour of the Caribbean to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee where they were met with some controversy.

The trip was overshadowed by anti-colonial protests from locals and calls for slavery reparations from the monarchy.

Despite falling short of an apology, body language expert Darren Stanton said the Duke of Cambridge showed “genuine sadness”, “remorse” and “sorrow” as he addressed the issue of slavery, denouncing it as "abhorrent" and saying "it should never have happened".

Stanton told the Express: “There is a very significant picture of William and Kate when they met Governor Patrick Allen ahead of his speech at King's house.

"The governor was showing genuine enjoyment in having a couple at his house however Prince William‘s face is showing sadness and when someone dips their head down it also says shame so when he was speaking about slavery he was speaking from the heart and has a genuine remorsefulness at how Jamaican people could be feeling.”

He added that “for the first time in many events” the Duchess of Cambridge was not seen smiling but “showing an expression of concern” during William’s speech.

Mr Stanton said throughout the trip William showed signs of “not feeling very confident” while Kate was “super confident” but as a couple they show signs of a “willingness to be open and listen”.

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He said: “Kate was wearing in one photograph her trademark power colour of red, Kate loves reds and purples as a reference before it is a superhero colour costume that allows the feeling of being super confident.

“Initially Prince William was showing signs of uneasiness and anxiety, this was demonstrated when he spoke to groups on the press, his hands were in his pockets when someone hide their palms it is a sign of anxiety that they are trying to conceal.

"He was probably a little bit nervous with all the demonstrations and negativity surrounding the subject of slavery."

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