John Bolton tells Rishi Sunak that China ‘isn’t a challenge it’s……

China is 'a threat, not a challenge' warns John Bolton

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Mr Bolton explained that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had made a mistake when he claimed China was a challenge instead of a threat. The ex-US security advisor explained that China had been a threat for some time. Mr Bolton warned that China was not only a threat to countries in the Indo-Pacific like Taiwan but to Western countries too. And explained that the Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE had been used for espionage.

Mr Bolton told Times Radio: “The Prime Minister referred to China as a challenge.

“And I think that with all due respect is mistaken, China is a threat, it is a threat today and it has been a threat for some time.

“In ways, we have only recently even begun to understand and I think the threat is growing.

“It’s not just a threat to Taiwan or to other countries around the Indo-Pacific periphery

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Mr Bolton added: “It’s a threat to us now, let me give an example, Huawei and ZTE, well-known names are not telecommunications companies they are arms of the Chinese state.

“And their aim is to get control of 5th generation telecommunications worldwide so that the information transmitted over 5G telecoms can be sent back to Beijing.

“Now we have taken the US, starting in the Trump administration and continuing in the Biden administration.

“The UK has taken, and other countries have taken strong measures against Huawei, but we’re not dealing with a competition threat here.

“We’re dealing with an espionage agency, and if you look at China’s behaviour across a wide range of military and political activities it complements what they’re doing in the economic space.

“It’s not a question of one BBC reporter being beaten, that’s unacceptable sure, but the threat here is comprehensive.”

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There has been ongoing civil unrest in China in recent days due to enforced Covid lockdowns.

Protestors have been arrested by China’s police force due to their decisions to push back against the government.

Chinese officials have been searching the phones of citizens in order to see if they have banned apps such as Instagram and Twitter.

And protest hashtags on those sites have been bombarded by the state with irrelevant content in order to throw off Chinese citizens looking to attend demonstrations.

This week footage of a British BBC journalist getting assaulted by riot police before being arrested whilst reporting on the civil unrest, circulated globally.

Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan-Smith uttered a similar sentiment as Mr Bolton earlier this week.

Sir Ian criticised Mr Sunak and claimed that Chine”poses a threat to every element of what we do.”

He added: “I don’t agree that we want ‘robust pragmatism’ – what we have to recognise is China is posing a greater and greater threat to the way we live our lives.

“It’s guilty of genocide in Xinjiang, it’s guilty of cracking down on Christians, it threatens Taiwan, and it is damaging the world economy by its ludicrous position of Covid lockdowns.

“China poses a threat to every element of what we do.”

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