Jackpot winner thanks ‘lucky charm’ boyfriend for £1m scratch card on work break

A young mum plans to pass her driving test and buy a Jeep after winning £1 million on a scratch card during her work break.

Sara Thomas, 26, is a care home assistant from Treharris, South Wales who was stunned to find she'd won the top prize on the National Lottery's 50X Scratchcard.

She explained: "I popped to the local shop on my break to buy some bits and grabbed a Scratchcard whilst at the till.

"I don't buy them often but I did get one a few weeks ago as a treat and my partner Sean jokingly said to me, 'don't buy them, you won't win anything!'"

She went on: "I scratched it at work and revealed that I had won £1m – I was gobsmacked! I called the girls I work with and they thought I was joking.

"No-one believed me, even I didn't believe it really. I asked one of my colleagues to call The National Lottery for me with the phone on speaker as I thought it was a prank and I didn't want to embarrass myself.

"When Camelot confirmed the win we were all screaming. I could not believe it, it still hasn't sunk in."

Sara immediately phoned partner Sean Warner, 28, and her dad — and both men assumed she was pranking them.

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"They both said I should leave work for the day but we were short-staffed and I didn't want to let the girls down so I stayed until 7pm. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur."

The mum of two has found the pandemic difficult, having to balance work with homeschooling her five-year-old daughter and taking care of her three-year-old son. But despite her massive win, Sara has no plans to quit her job.

"I love my job and want to continue working," she said.

"The patients appreciate you being there for them when they can't see their family and it's just really comforting knowing that you are putting a smile on their faces.

"We have great banter! It's nice to know you are helping someone and making a difference. It has been tough, but I wouldn't change it."

As a fully qualified hairdresser with a business degree that was interrupted by her first pregnancy, Sara is keen to start her own business one day so she can keep providing for her young family.

"This win has opened the doors to lots of new opportunities for me and my family. It is my children's future set and they can have the best life they can."

The couple are keen to buy a home with a garden and take a holiday once travel restrictions are eased, but the first thing Sara wants to do is pass her driving test.

"I will buy myself a nice Jeep when I pass but I will probably drive Sean's car for a while first, just in case my luck runs out and I ruin the car as soon as I buy it!

"Everyone is just really pleased for me and it feels really good, I don't have this kind of luck normally. Sean's cousin, Jordon Morgan, won £70,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard a couple of years ago – I am starting to think Sean might be the good luck charm!"

The 50X Scratchcard from The National Lottery offers a 1 in 3.50 overall chance of winning a prize. The Scratchcard costs £5 and prizes range from £5 up to the top prize of £1,000,000.

Eight prizes of £1m or more were won over the Easter weekend, with two still to be claimed.

On Good Friday an astonishing £122M EuroMillions jackpot was won by a single UK ticket-holder, while in Saturday's Lotto draw one ticket-holder matched all six main numbers to win an amazing £12,523,601 Lotto jackpot.

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