Italy second wave ALERT: 1,000 coronavirus cases recorded in worst 24 hours since lockdown

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A further three deaths were recorded in Italy from the deadly disease in the last 24 hours. Rome alone has seen a huge spike in infections, with 215 recorded in the last 24 hours. There has been a gradual surge in coronavirus infections in Italy over the last week.

The country recorded 947 new cases on Friday, 845 on Thursday and 642 on Wednesday.

Rome’s health official Alessio D’Amato said: “Sixty-one percent of the cases are linked to people returning from vacation.”

Analysis of data suggests nearly half of the new cases were from people returning from the island of Sardinia.

There have been several clusters in Sardinia linked to nightclubs or private parties in the Emerald Coast resort area.

The director of Rome’s Spallanzani Hospital Francesco Vaia told Italian state media: “The solution is to do tests on departing boats, planes and trains.

“This is the only way to prevent the virus spreading.”

Most of the transmission is meant to have come from young people who appear asymptomatic.

Health official Alessio D’Amato said the government needed to, “block the chain of transmission as fast as possible by finding the asymptomatic and averting the spread of the virus among families”.

He added in an appeal to younger people: “Be very careful especially with your relatives and the people dearest to you.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic Italy has recorded more than 257,000 new cases of coronavirus.

More than 35,000 have died from the disease in the country.

Officials in Italy have suggested the recent rise is also due to an increase in large gatherings caused by holidays and nightlife.

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Italy has taken measures to halt the current surge by making it compulsory to wear a mask at night in outdoor public spaces.

This theory was confirmed by the fact many infections were found in travellers.

Checks at ports have found an increase in coronavirus cases for those who disembarked from aeroplanes or ferries.

The average age of infection from coronavirus is now 30, down from around 70 early in the outbreak.

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