Israeli settler attacks prompt fears of escalation in Palestine

This year has seen a considerable increase in violent acts committed by radical Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

According to the UN, more than 100 cases are reported each month. According to the UN, over 400 people have been forced to flee their homes since the beginning of 2022.

Despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority rules major Palestinian communities, Israel retains near-exclusive control over 60 per cent of the West Bank

In this territory, known as Area C, Israel is in charge of law enforcement, planning, and construction.

Area C, which includes places like Burqa, is home to around 370,000 Palestinians and 500,000 Israelis.

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A settler named Yehuda Lieber, 26, told BBC: “Our vision is that all of the land of Israel will be settled with Jews. It’s our basic right. Our right is in the Bible,

“We have an expectation from the government that was elected by right-wing votes to settle the land, expand the settlements, and not hurt them,”

According to the settler, a sequence of fresh outposts established recently indicates that the settlers’ objective is to obstruct the realization of Palestinian statehood.

The establishment of an autonomous Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital, has long been the objective of the internationally supported two-state resolution aimed at concluding the Israel-Palestinian conflict that has endured for decades.

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The Palestinian news agency reported Saturday that a 20-year-old died of wounds a month after being shot during an Israeli army raid in the occupied West Bank.

The WAFA news agency said Ezzedin Kanan, from the town of Jaba near Jenin, was shot in the head on July 3 during one of the most intense Israeli military operations in the West Bank since an armed Palestinian uprising against Israel’s open-ended occupation ended two decades ago.

An offshoot of the secular nationalist Fatah party, the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, claimed Kanan as one of its “fiercest fighters” and pledged to avenge his loss.

Armed and masked militants flanked the mourning procession for Kanan as his body, wrapped in a Palestinian flag and adorned with a headband from the group, was carried through his home village of Jaba.

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Kanan’s death brings the total to 14 killed in the raid, which lasted two days and included airstrikes, hundreds of ground troops and bulldozers that were used to raze roads and buildings.

The army claimed to have inflicted heavy damage on militant groups in the Jenin refugee camp and that it had confiscated thousands of weapons, bomb-making materials and caches of money during the raid.

Since early 2022, Israel has been carrying out near daily raids in the West Bank in response to a series of deadly Palestinian attacks.

It says the raids are meant to crack down on Palestinians militants and said they are necessary because the Palestinian Authority is too weak.

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