Irish tourist falls to his death after ‘taking selfie’ from train

A 45-year-old man fell to his death after leaning out of a moving train to reportedly take a selfie.

Police have confirmed that Patrick Ward, who was born in New Zealand but was also an Irish national, lost his life after tumbling out of a carriage whilst on holiday in Thailand.

Ward was travelling on Tuesday as part of a tour group from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi town, where the bridge over the River Kwai is located.

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The railroad that connects Thailand to Burma was famously built by forced labour during the Japanese occupation in World War II and is known as the "death railway".

According to local police, the train was slowly approaching Sai Yok waterfall, another popular destination with tourists, when witnesses reported that Ward was seen opening the door of a carriage and then falling about eight metres down a slope onto his back.

Video footage, shot by another tourist, also captured the moment when he plunged from the train.

When rescuers and emergency services arrived, they used a pulley system to lower themselves to where Ward lay but he was barely breathing when they reached him and he had broken his neck and an arm.

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He was subsequently pronounced dead despite resuscitation attempts lasting half an hour.

Witness reports that Ward was taking a selfie at the time of the fall have not been confirmed by police but officers did state that his wounds did not suggest any foul play had occurred.

Police Major Kiatisak Kerdchok, of Sai Yok police, has said a full autopsy will be conducted today (Wednesday, December 28) in Bangkok when fellow members of the tour group will also be questioned.

Officials also reported that contact was being made with the New Zealand embassy in Thailand to hand over custody of the body for the funeral.


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