Iran threat: Tehran calls for new alliance with China and Russia to ‘overcome’ Trump

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In a bold move, Iran has called on Russia and China to form an alliance of countries hit by US sanctions to end America’s era of “maximum pressure”. All three countries have seen relations with the US disintegrate fuelling fears of a new Cold War. Speaking to Russian newspaper Kommersant, Iran’s ambassador to the country, Kazem Jalali stated the US under Mr Trump was trying to weaken all three states to help maintain America’s supremacy.

He said: “It’s high time we created a club of countries hit by sanctions.

“Among its members will be many strong powers with developed economies: Russia, China and Iran.

“They want Russia to be weak, China to be economically subordinated to them and Iran to become their colony.

“That’s why we need to cooperate, help each other and complement each other.

“If we make joint efforts we will overcome US pressure.”

The US has imposed severe sanctions on Iran which effectively crippled its economy.

These economic sanctions were imposed following the end of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The 2015 treaty was initially intended to halt Iran’s production of nuclear materials.

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However, Mr Trump abandoned the deal last year accusing Tehran of violating the measures within the agreement.

Iran has also pulled away from the treaty and has claimed to have increased the proliferation of its nuclear supplies.

The calls for a new pact between the three also comes as Iran is set to renew its 20-year agreement with Russia.

Although it has not been stated what this agreement entails, it is thought to include deals signed on weapons and petrochemicals agreed in 2001.

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In contrast, the US has pushed for an extension of the arms embargo on Iran.

The embargo ends in October and an attempt to extend it by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was rejected by the United Nations Security Council.

Both China and Russia vetoed the proposal as they look to closer ties with Tehran.

In a sign of deteriorating relations with the US, Russia and China published the contents of a joint phone call openly mocking America.

In the call between China Foreign Minister, Wang Yi and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, the two claimed the US government had “lost its mind”.

The two also accused Washington of becoming more closed off from the world and pushing forward with a Cold War mentality.

Wang said: “The US has bluntly pursued its ‘America First’ policy, pushing egoism, unilateralism and bullying to the limit, and that’s not what a great power should be about.

“The US has resorted to extreme measures and even created hot spots and confrontations in international relationships, has lost its mind, morals and credibility.”

In conclusion, the two states also claimed the US had finally shed its disguise and was now openly aggressive.

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