Inside UK seaside hotel slammed for grim kitchens with expired food

A seaside hotel has been slapped with a one-star food hygiene rating after inspectors took a visit to their diabolical kitchen in Blackpool.

North Shore Hotel received a damning report after more than a dozen issues were uncovered by the Food Standards Agency in early December.

The kitchen was found to be in poor hygiene conditions with some of their food being expired and dirt spotted on equipment across the room, reports Lancs Live.

Conditions were so bad, that inspectors had even feared guests could receive food poisoning after the food wrap was found stored in the raw meat only section.

An initial inspection on December 3 also revealed various structural and cleaning defects, in contravention of regulations and found staff were unable to keep their food premises clean.

The kitchen also had dirty water in the mop bucket, carbon build-up and food debris to ovens, mould on the freezer and more.

Staff failed to put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures resulting in some of the food being out of date, the inspectors found.

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As well as this, the inspectors found the cling film dispenser was stored in the raw meat only area but was used for all products. They said this could lead to cross-contamination or food poisoning bacteria.

Food was also found defrosting at room temperature, including a turkey joint, prawns and salmon.

No hot water was available during this inspection in the main kitchen and the small kitchen at the bar meaning staff would not be able to wash their hands with hot running water, the report added.

Equipment and bottles used with food were not properly clean as the inspectors found that thermometer probes and sauce bottles were dirty.

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Many maintenance issues were also found indicating that a lot of the appliances would not have been working properly such as fault to the dishwasher and a patch of bare plaster to the ceiling in the side storage room.

Inspectors said staff lacked the proper knowledge of food hygiene after they found food handlers were trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity.

Employees present at the time of inspection were not aware that there was a written food safety management system in place and there was evident confusion around date labelling when asked about the in-house day dot labels.

The hotel has since undergone a re-inspection in mid-January but this has not been made public at the time of publishing this article.

North Shore Hotel has been contacted for comment.

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