Inside the world’s most unique toilet-shaped home which you can visit

A South Korean took the importance of sanitation via toilets so seriously he built his home shaped like a loo.

Sim Jae-duck, the late mayor of Suwon in northwestern South Korea and former politician, became known as Mr Toilet thanks to his campaigns on people’s rights to access adequate toilet facilities.

While leading Suwon, he spearheaded a campaign to beautify the city’s restrooms as part of a national push to improve South Korea’s facilities for hosting international events.

Embracing the nickname and determined to further advertise his important message, Mr Sim tore down his previous home of 30 years and built a massive two-storey, 4,508-square-foot residence shaped like a toilet bowl.

The home has been named Haewoojae, which aptly translates to a “place to solve one’s worries”.

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Building the property cost Mr Sim £1.6million, but Mr Sim made it a central part of his activism.

Upon the home’s completion in late 2007, Mr Sim used it to host the inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association, a group supported by the South Korean government and aiming to launch a “toilet revolution”.

Prior to his death in early 2009, Mr Sim – who was the first president and chairman of the World Toilet Association, installed a plaque outside his special residence reading: “Mr. Toilet’s House”.

The home of Mr Sim, who also authored the book “Happy to be with you, Toilet!”, was designed by architect Go Gi-Wong.

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The giant loo residence presents two bedrooms, living rooms and four bathrooms which, perhaps unsurprisingly, have been fitted with all the comforts – such as a whirlpool bathtub, urinals and large glass showers.

The large rooftop area can be reached by a staircase located where a toilet drain would be in a normal loo.

The makeshift drain actually collects rainwater and aims to conserve drinking water.

Following the death of Mr Sim, the huge toilet residence was turned into a museum.

Over the years, a proper theme park was built around the home, which remains the central attraction.

But people were allowed to spend the night inside the unusual home even during Mr Sim’s time, albeit at the eye-watering cost of £39,742 ($50,000).

The funds gathered benefitted the World Toilet Association, which among its goals counts building more and better toilets in developing countries.

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