Inside tense cockpit as ‘superhero’ pilot lands Boeing 777 during Storm Eunice

A pilot has shared a terrifying cockpit video while he was steering a Boeing 777 plane to land when gusts up to 122mph hit during Storm Eunice.

Captain Khalifa Al-Thani was hailed a "superhero" when he attempted to land the Qatar Airways flight at Heathrow Airport on Friday (February 18) in the early afternoon.

The incredible touchdown, which many viewers said it'd take nerves of steel to do so, was also captured by aviation enthusiast Jerry Dyer on his YouTube channel Big Jet TV.

Captain Al-Thani shared Jerry's commentary alongside his cockpit video on Instagram to give his fans a look at his job in the "office".

He places one hand on the control yoke and another hand on the throttles while bringing the jet to a lower altitude.

The skilful pilot adjusts the movement of the plane as he battles with constant wind change.

When the Boeing 777 flies over the road and heads closer to the 27L runway, Jerry comments: "Ooh easy… you've got to get it down soon, mate… ah ha ha, nicely done.

"Jump on the reverses."

Many viewers were impressed by Captain Al-Thani's approach to land the plane.

One said: "Bravo watched you fly over and join the localiser. Bumpy day!"

"Wow saw the landing footage earlier, didnt realise that was you! Amazing work!" a second wrote and a third added: "Star quality landing in this storm which is the worst we have had for quite a while. Nerves of steel you have!"

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Jerry shot into fame thanks to his lively commentary during Storm Eunice when his YouTube livestream attracted more than 7.6 million views over a nearly eight-hour broadcast.

He cheered for the pilots who attempted to land at Heathrow Airport during the storm – when a TAP Air Portugal tried to touch down on the runway, he said: "Come on! You can do it! Hold on to it!

"Get it on the ground. This is nuts!"

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