Inside old nuclear missile base with mysterious underground tunnel and dark past

A 'secret' nuclear missile base that didn't appear on any maps for decades is now a ghost town.

Some call it the Polish Chernobyl, because of the radioactive mysteries and how it likely concealed deadly nuclear weapons capable of wiping out major cities.

Borne Sulinowo, in Poland's West Pomeranian region, is becoming a tourist destination for those seeking adventure.

Although, the town near the region's capital of Szcecin, has a very dark past.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the town was accessible only for those who had a special pass.

Everyone else was told to stay away or to pretend to know nothing about it.

Almost 12,000 troops were stationed in the military complex at the height of the Cold War, writes CNN Travel.

They were part of the Northern Group of Forces in Poland, and people living near the town were reportedly too scared to even mention it.

There was only one road in and out and one railway track which finished in the town behind electrified fences.

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Before the Soviets, the town was still off limits. When the region was part of Germany before WWII, Adolf Hitler was snapped visiting in 1938.

It functioned as a military base and training ground.

It's dark past also includes panzer troops who were part of the invasion into Poland that would trigger global war, and later it housed prisoners of war.

Military buildings, including barracks, a railway and a hospital stand abandoned.

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There is said to be mysterious tunnel that runs underneath the hospital which connects to a room once used to transportr human bodies to the railway.

The area is more residential after the Soviets left, with the barracks being transported into apartments.

The railroad was removed and turned into a main road, a nursing home has been built and the hospital has been renovated.

The town still shows signs of its past, with some buildings abandoned.

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The town hopes the Soviet history will entice tourists to explore the surrounding wilderness.

Stories claim nuclear warheads were once hidden in massive silos in the area.

The Soviet Union denied stockpiling nuclear missiles in Poland, however, archaeologists are convinced otherwise after researching the area and reading archived declassified satellite images.

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Wiesław Bartoszek, owner of the local museum in Borne Sulinowo, told the outlet: "During the communist era, the zone was one of the best kept secret places in Europe."

He says the missiles were planned to be used as a tactical weapon, targeting cities like Paris and Amsterdam.

The power of the warheads are believed to be varied, between 0.5 to 500 kilotons.

The construction of the silos was completed in 1969, fully funded by the Polish People's Republic communist government.

''Only Russian troops could access the site," Bartoszek says. "The whole area was excluded from the Polish jurisdiction. This was a de facto Russian territory."

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, all maps of the area were destroyed.

Today, abandoned and devastated buildings remain.

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