Inside eerie hospital where depraved baby-killer nurse butchered four children

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A pair of urban explorers bravely ventured into the abandoned hospital where depraved killer Beverly Alitt murdered four children and caused grievously bodily harm to a further six.

Known as 'The Angel of Death', Alitt was employed as a State Enrolled Nurse at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, it's here that she inflicted unimaginable horror on numerous sick children.

She is understood to have administered huge doses of insulin to at least two of her tragic victims, while another body was found with a large air bubble inside.

Police were never able to figure out how she carried out the other attacks.

The 'Urbexcr' group, who travel all across the country venturing into interesting abandoned buildings, bravely ventured into the abandoned 1874 building to see what was left of it.

The couple claimed there was an "eerie" feel to the place and the "smell of cleaning products" creepily remained in some of the wards.

Grantham and Kesteven Hospital has been left disused since 2014 and years of neglect has allowed nature to take its course through the crumbling walls.

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Foliage, vines and moss can be seen creeping through large holes in the walls and ceilings of the once bustling hospital.

Most of the furniture and hospital equipment seemed to have been removed but some desks and chairs remain scattered across the buildings.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, one of the explorers said: "We came across it on our travels one day and decided to do some research on the place.

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"It was known as the hospital that Beverly Allitt worked at so when we saw it was abandoned we nipped in to have a look.

"Although this place has been empty for decades it still has that hospital smell.

"The smell of cleaning products in the old Theatre was over powering.

"It had a very creepy feel to the place.

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"We found it fascinating that a lot of the original features were still there. There seemed a very eerie feel to this place but weirdly we didn't feel put off by it.

"Really sad to hear that this place has no plans to be restored and is literally being left to crumble. Soon the only thing that will remain are our photos so its a privilege to have been inside and had the chance to capture the place."

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