Inside dad-of-four’s 6000sqf bunker with family ‘ready for nuclear disaster’

A 6,000 square foot underground bunker described as the “ultimate vision” has been built for a family who are prepared for nuclear disaster.

Father-of-four Ruben Romero, 45, had been planning the nuclear bunker around eight years ago, having decided that he no longer wanted to live a luxurious life in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Together with wife Joan, 45, they found a 1960s-style bunker was being renovated.

Having bought it, they then spent the next few years turning it into their new dream home – and moved in with three of their four children last year.

Joining them for their second Christmas underground was Enoch 18, Zion 15, and Celestial, 12.

However, there's one thing he wouldn't add to the underground property – a skylight.

Mr Romero told The Sun: “I don’t like making decisions out of fear and I try to avoid that – I’m not worried about anything happening.”

“I responded (when asked about a skylight) you know that would compromise the nuclear integrity of my bunker, and if something did happen, I would feel pretty stupid.

“We’re probably 95 percent ahead, I might as well make sure I do the last five percent.

“I think a lot of that has to do with the feeling that I’m being true to the structure.”

“Because it's concrete and it's underground, it would be well supported and it would move with the ground, as opposed to moving against it (if there was an earthquake)”.

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The bunker is actually encased in an electromagnetic pulse shield, and has a 3,000lb nuclear blast door at the front, and a 2,000lb blast door at the back.

There is also an escape hatch.

He estimates that his spend, so far, has been around £250,000-£400,000, although the actual purchase price of the property has not been divulged.

The project is not quite complete, yet, as Mr Romero is currently installing an energy recovery ventilation system to help keep oxygen flowing in the bunker.

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Although some might feel claustrophobic in an underground home, the ceilings are around 16-and-a-half feet high, which leaves room for the second story that he plans to have built in.

However, he added a stark warning to anyone thinking about buying their own bunker.

He said: “You know, it’s going to cost a lot to renovate it and I’m not going to see that money again – I would heavily advise against anyone that’s thinking or would even consider buying a bunker.

“Don’t do it. It’s not a good investment. I don't see it as an investment in the bunker, but an investment in my family.

“It’s not so much about how much I put in and how much I get out of it financially.

“I want to make it an amazing space and I’ll do what I need to do to make it an amazing space.”

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