Inside bleak seaside town that has ‘lowest life expectancy in England’

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    A seaside town has been found to have the lowest life expectancy of any local authority in England.

    Life inside Blackpool is on average shorter than elsewhere in the country, with the once-great seaside resort suffering tough times in recent years.

    Office for National Statistics data looking at the years 2018 to 2020 shows that the life expectancy for men in the town is 74.1 years and for women is 79.

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    Even inside Blackpool, the disparity is rife.

    Blokes in the least deprived parts of town have a 13.2 year longer life expectancy than those in the most while in women this void is still as whopping 9.5 years.

    A different stat called healthy life expectancy – which gives an indication of life expectancy in good health – also makes for difficult reading regarding Blackpool.

    The northern town has the lowest healthy life expectancy of anywhere in England for both men and women.

    Dr Arif Rajpur, Blackpool Council Director of Public Health, said: “A huge number of factors influence how healthy the population is, from the strength of the local economy, housing and education to levels of smoking, substance misuse, diet and access to health services and over the past decade, significant cuts have been made when it comes to local authority funding, making it hard for us to narrow the inequality gap.”

    Circulatory diseases, cancer, digestive diseases and external causes like suicide and poisoning are among some of the biggest causes of life expectancy disparity, according to the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities.

    Dr Rajpur continued: “It has been cited that coastal communities have often been overlooked by governments and the ill-health hidden because their outcomes are merged with wealthier inland areas.

    “A report from 2021 showed that despite the significant efforts of local leaders, coastal communities continue to have a high burden of health challenges across a range of physical and mental health conditions, often with lower life expectancy and higher rates of many major diseases.

    “In Blackpool, we are constantly taking steps to drive economic regeneration, creating more jobs and making Blackpool a better place to live and work.”

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