Innocent story behind creepy human remains found in jar inside abandoned house

Human remains found in a jar that sparked a massive police search of a property was actually a medical specimen used for education, it has been revealed.

Merseyside Police descended on a property in Toxteth, Liverpool, when builders raised the alarm after making the creepy discovery.

But the police now say the matter is concluded and no further action will be taken, after the family of a dementia-suffering Leonard Cruickshank told the Liverpool Echo that the apparent human foetus is from the science department at the Liverpool Institute, where he worked.

Mr Cruickshank, 76, was a governor at the Liverpool Institute High School for boys before it closed in 1985 and brought the specimen home in stead of it getting chucked decades ago.

Leonard's daughter Rachel Cruickshank, who now lives in Wirral, said the whole episode emanated from a misunderstanding.

She said: "When they closed the science department down they were going to throw everything in the bin.

"But my dad also worked at L8 Liverpool city garden farm and had plans to make an education centre there.

"He thought it would become useful one day but it never materialised because they closed the farm, so the stuff was just in his house."

The Cruickshank family sold their father’s home in this year, but it had been empty since 2019 when Leni was put into sheltered accommodation as his dementia go worse.

Leonard's grandson Louie said shocked builders had discovered the specimen in his grandad's shed.

He said: "We recently sold it, well officially handed over the keys on July 16.

"My grandad had lived there maybe over 30 years but we’ve had to put him in sheltered accommodation because he has fallen ill with dementia.

"So the builders who found it came across it in the back garden when they were doing work for the new owner."

The family now worry for Leni’s health after the high-profile search, which involved several officers and saw the house cordoned off, has rattled the pensioner.

Louie said: "He is terrified to leave home now, because of his dementia especially he is a lot more panicked.

"He thinks people think he’s a mad murderer."

His daughter Rachel said: "He has become very agitated because of this now.

"He rang me this morning saying it’s been blown out of proportion; they were specimens from the Liverpool Institute."

A spokesperson for Merseyside police told the ECHO this morning: "We can confirm that a jar containing preserved human remains found at a property in Wordsworth Street in Toxteth on Monday 9th August has been confirmed as being an historical medical specimen.

"No further action has been taken and the matter is now concluded."

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