Injured Ukrainian soldiers vow to return to front as Kyiv defiance rocks Russian troops

Ukraine: Injured soldiers lie in hospital on Eastern Front

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Wounded Ukrainian soldiers have declared they are willing to return to the frontlines as Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to meet stiff resistance to their invasion. Sky News correspondent Alex Rossi spoke to injured Ukrainian troops recovering in hospital in fighting in the east of Ukraine against Russian forces. 

The Sky News correspondent said: “It has been a horrific 24 hours.

“In the hospital directors take me to see soldiers injured on the Eastern Front. Staff lieutenant Andre was lacerated with shrapnel.

“He’s heavily medicated but says as soon as he’s recovered, he wants to fight again.”

Andrei told Sky News: “We came under fire from a mortar attack.

“We went back into a trench and realised we were injured.

“We saw an ambulance pass by and decided not to be heroic and ask them for help.

At least 102 civilians in Ukraine have been killed since Thursday, with a further 304 wounded, but the real figure is feared to be “considerably higher”, U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Monday.

More than half a million people have fled to neighbouring countries, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

UK caught in geo-political power ploy by Kremlin says expert

A senior US defence official said Russia had fired more than 350 missiles at Ukrainian targets since Thursday, some hitting civilian infrastructure.

“It appears that they are adopting a siege mentality, which any student of military tactics and strategy will tell you when you adopt siege tactics, it increases the likelihood of collateral damage,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Russian forces seized two small cities in southeastern Ukraine and the area around a nuclear power plant, the Interfax news agency said on Monday, but ran into stiff resistance elsewhere.

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials have begun on the Belarusian border.


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Talks began with the aim of an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces, the Ukrainian president’s office said, after a Russian advance that has gone more slowly than some expected.

Russia has been cagier, with the Kremlin declining to comment on Moscow’s aim in negotiations.

It was not clear whether any progress could be achieved after President Vladimir Putin on Thursday launched the assault and put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on high alert on Sunday.

The talks are being held on the border with strong Russian ally Belarus, where a referendum on Sunday approved a new constitution ditching the country’s non-nuclear status at a time when the former Soviet republic has become a launchpad for Russian troops invading Ukraine.

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