Inferno rips through secret Russian special ops military base as ‘arson’ probed

A military training base for Russian special forces has been destroyed in a raging inferno that is feared could have been lit intentionally.

A GRU facility at Senezh in the Moscow region is understood to have been hit by the blaze, the VchK-OGPU Telegram channel reports.

Troops training at the facility are understood to have been involved in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The channel claims that the fire in unit N43292 could have been started intentionally.

There are no images of the fire or the damage thought to have been caused, although the blaze is understood to have been started in a warehouse attached to the facility.

The area is closed off to outsiders and is strictly for military personnel.

“VchK-OGPU became aware of a fire in the GRU Special Forces Training Centre,” said the report.

“The duty officer at military unit 43292 called the emergency services in the evening and reported a fire at the training ground.

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“Firefighters who arrived in the village of Senezh encountered a fire with an area of about 100 square metres (1,076ft sq ft).”

The report added: “The cause of the fire is under investigation and arson is not ruled out."

The event is far from isolated, with speculation whirling that a number of fires and explosions across Russia in recent months could have been linked to the war in Ukraine in some way.

Fires have often followed preceding explosions, and all of the incidents appear to have taken place at strategic locations.

Depots, military facilities and shopping malls, gas and oil facilities all rank among the types of buildings affected by the blazes.

On December 22 the Admiral Kuznetsov – Russia’s only aircraft carrier – caught fire while it was being repaired at the Arctic port of Murmansk and a fire with dense smoke also impacted Russia's foreign ministry in Moscow.

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