Incredible moment burning cat leaps from second floor window of blazing flat

A shocking video showing a burning cat jumping 25ft to escape a building fire has gone viral online.

The distressing pictures, from the scene of the fire in New York City, US, were shared by NBC reporter Anjali Hemphill.

Police told her the fire had been started by a man as a result of a domestic dispute and he apparently locked himself in his apartment before setting fire to it earlier today.

According to reports, seven people were injured because of the blaze including two police officers.

Three New York City officers can be seen shouting and trying to coax the frightened feline out of a flat window at the Lincoln Houses, East Harlem.

In the video shot by Aaron Ganaway, it's back-end and tail can be seen scorched by the flames licking out of the windows of an apartment. The ginger feline finally leaps for safety from about 25ft and tries to scurry away.

A member of the public manages to catch hold of the distressed animal and officers take it for treatment. Despite a host of enquiries from concerned cat lovers on Twitter, there has been no update on its condition.

However cats have a remarkable ability to survive, as witnessed by Keith Bigland, 53, who was devastated when his late mother’s beloved cat Biscuit disappeared in 2017.

The blonde furball, known as Bikkit, escaped from his family home and was never seen again, until Keith and wife Su were contacted about 10 days ago by a vet with some unexpected news.

Bikkit had been handed in after being spotted only a mile away from their home in March, Cambridgeshire.

Only a week ago, an eight-week old kitten was rescued by firefighters in North Yorkshire after it had become firmly wedged inside the engine of a car.

The little ball of fluff was rescued from his hidey-hole by three burly officers using airbags and specialist tools.

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