Hotel shuts down after ‘meth’ hits guest in the eye after spurting from tap

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A motel in the US has been forced to close after a piece of an illegal drug hit a guest after spurting from the tap.

The Super 8 motel in New Mexico remains closed with its water supply shut off after a piece of methamphetamine came out of a tap and struck them in the eye on Thursday.

Police analysed the substance to confirm it was meth that came through the tap.

It was later found that traces of methamphetamine were found in multiple locations within the hotel, including the ice box.

The guest was not injured as a result of the substance hitting them in the eye.

Police reassured locals that the building has a device fitted to prevent water from flowing back into the city’s water system.

National testing has also been carried out to check the city’s water as a precaution and has been deemed safe.

Police are still investigating with the hotel's cooperation to find out how the methamphetamine entered the water supply.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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Portales Police Department said: "On Friday, September 17, 2021, at approximately 3 p.m. officers responded to the Super 8 Motel on US 70 in Portales regarding a customer that had, what was believed to be a piece of methamphetamine, strike them in the eye after it came out of a faucet.

"Upon officers’ arrival it was determined that the substance was confirmed to be methamphetamine and the investigation continued.

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"It was later found that a large amount of methamphetamine had been introduced to the building’s water system and then continued throughout the building.

"The City of Portales has cut the water service to the building to stop the potential for contamination of the City’s water supply and to protect those still occupying the building. Portales Public Works has determined that there was no contamination to the City’s water supply due to how the substance was introduced to the building."

It went on: "The New Mexico State Police have been contacted regarding this incident and are handling the potential hazardous material situation. The Portales Police Department will continue with the criminal investigation."

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