Hotel can’t find chauffeur to drive fleet of supercars including Bentleys

A five-star hotel cannot find anyone to drive out the Bentleys and other supercars of its high-flying guests.

The position of supercar chauffeur at the luxury Gotham Hotel in Manchester remains unfilled.

Hotel bosses advertised for the job weeks ago but can't find an appropriate candidate, and the position remains vacant, Manchester Evening News reports.

It has become more important than ever for the hotel to secure a driver after it became the northern flagship for Auto Vivendi, the world's largest private members supercar club.

The club is planning to formally launch in Manchester in July, with Hotel Gotham to become its city centre partner venue.

As part of the link-up, the hotel will stable five of the club's supercars that members can hire as part of their membership package.

The plush fleet includes a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

Hotel manager Mario Ovsenjak said it has become increasingly difficult to recruit employees as the hospitality industry faces a staffing crisis.

The concierge/chauffeur post has been re-advertised on the hotel's social media accounts due to the lack of interest.

Mr Ovsenjak said: "A year ago we would have 200 applicants when we advertised a post, now we are lucky if we get 20. It's a problem across the industry.

"It needs to be someone who is confident and comfortable driving our Bentley and high end cars like the Ferrari, with a clean driving licence.

"We are looking for someone with experience of a deluxe five-star hotel environment.

"And most importantly it needs to be someone with a lot of personality to work at Hotel Gotham."

The salary for the role is "dependent on experience"

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