Horror moment Nashville bomb explodes in huge fireball causing total devastation

New footage shows the shocking moment the Nashville bomb exploded – obliterating everything in its path.

Police have identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the suspect behind the horrifying blast on Christmas Day, which injured three people and killed the 63-year-old.

Metro Nashville Police Department have now released a video of the exact moment the explosion ripped through the city in Tennessee, US.

It shows the van parked at the side of the road as a police officer in the foreground stares at it.

Moments before the vehicle exploded, an audio was played out of its speakers warning of what was to come which is likely what the cop was investigating.

Thankfully, he gets no closer as seconds later the vehicle erupts into a huge fireball.

The blast is so powerful it rocks the camera – which looks at least 100 metres away – and sends debris flying down the road.

Shop windows are destroyed as the air is filled with black smoke.

Video taken immediately after the explosion captured the true devastation it caused, with buildings destroyed and fire raging as far as they eye could see.

  • Nashville explosion: Bomber suspect who was killed in Christmas blast named by police

US outlet CBS News claims to have the first photo of Warner, after officials confirmed he was the main suspect in what is believed to be a suicide bombing.

Donald Cochran, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, said: "We've come to the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the bomber and he was present when the bomb went off and that he perished in the bombing.”

Local businesses and TV personalities have offered more than $300,000 (£224,000) to catch those responsible.

Police were able to evacuate the area after the camper van started broadcasting a warning before it exploded.

They had arrived at the scene after reports of gunshots just after 6am local time (12pm GMT) on December 25.

The van exploded outside a building belonging to telecoms giant AT&T and several other buildings suffered structure damage.

Police emergency systems were also knocked out across Tennessee.

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