Horror at second-hand ‘crotchless’ knickers from a ‘virus-free’ home for £40

People on Facebook Marketplace have been left shaken by the sale of a pair of crotchless knickers.

With a turquoise colour, frilly edges and a little black bow, the shocking pair of underwear are missing something most other pairs take for granted: a crotch.

This particular pair of undergarments has no gusset, meaning there is a missing bit of fabric which normally goes over the wearer’s privates.

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Naturally, people who have come across the listing online have recoiled in horror, partly because of the shocking description that accompanies it.

The condition of the item is “like new” – not “new” – and claims to be a one-size-fits-all situation.

In the item description, the pair are described as “from a virus-free household" and come at the price of £40.

“Lovely item. Crotchless and nippleless set,” it reads.

The seller asks for a “Genuine reason for sale”.

The pair is “one size” and the seller “can post but will incur postal charges”.

Quite a few users were more than taken aback by the listing, while others chucked in a few jokes.

One said: “Cold flaps.”

“One size? For underwear….” said another.

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“I might buy them to strain to my veg.”

Another added: “I suspect it's for people with that kind of kink.”

A different user chipped in: “£40 for user knickers? Only if you promise they've not been washed.”

“Used crotchless knickers. I mean why wouldn't you?” said another.

One user was just annoyed about the price: “I have bought many a crotchless pantie brand new from actual name brand lingerie stores for a lot less money. This is madness. Lol."

Lots of people tagged mates and loved ones for a joke last-minute Christmas gift, and many were doubly pleased by their origin from a virus-free household.

“A virus-free household, stop it,” said one.

Another added: “Uninspiring indeed. Pretty sure if someone were in the market for a used 40 quid knicker they would want as much crotch as possible.”

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