Horrified owners of old farmhouse find more than 400,000 bees living in walls

A couple who recently purchased a Pennsylvania farmhouse said they had to pay $12,000 to have 450,000 bees removed from inside the walls.

A horrified couple have had to pay $12,000 to have 450,000 bees removed from inside the walls of a new farmhouse they purchased together.

Sara Weaver said she and her husband bought the 1872 farmhouse quickly and without an inspection because they had been searching for a home in the area and wanted to move in before it got swept up.

The couple initially felt extremely lucky to bag the Pennsylvania farmhouse in winter of last year, UPI reports.

"On the seller's disclosure it said 'bees in wall,' and that was it and I think because one, we didn't see them and two, we were just so floored that we actually found land in the [school] district that was within our price range that I didn't really ask any questions about those bees," she told CNN.

"I didn't think it would be that big of an issue.

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"It didn't even cross my mind but when spring arrived that's when we started to see them."

The distraught couple hired Allan Lattanzi, a professional beekeeper, to help safely rid them of their bee infestation.

Lattanzi said he had been to the house about four years earlier, but the previous owner decided she couldn't afford the cost of removal and decided to leave the insects in the walls.

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The beekeeper claims he removed around 450,000 bees from the walls, comprising of three whole colonies.

He estimated that the bees had been living in the walls for about 35 years.

The Weavers have created a GoFundMe page to help them with the cost.

Writing on the page, Sara said: "While we felt a little deceived that the prior owner did not give us more information about the colonies (she was very well aware that they were there, how big it was and how long they had been there)

"Buying the home in the dead of winter was not on our side as we did not see the massive amount of activity that is going on now.

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"Since the burden now falls on our shoulders to remove these little creatures we are asking for help financially. When I learned how expensive removal is I was shocked.

"Since our bee population is critical for the pollination of our food we knew that we needed to remove them properly and with the right person, like Allan to do the job.

"One in three bites of our food is from honey bee pollination, which is in decline due to the use of pesticides and loss of colony collapse.

"Any donation can help us relocate these bees that have been quite happy in this old house for over three decades."

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