Heavy rain brings flooding to Spain's eastern Castellon province

A low pressure system has hit Castellon de la Plana, causing flooding and severe disruption.

An area of low pressure has brought torrential rain to parts of eastern Spain, resulting in significant flooding.

Castellon de la Plana, capital of the Castellon province with a population of approximately 170,000, has been badly affected.

The monthly average rainfall at this time of the year is about 42 millimetres (1.7 inches), but in the 24 hour period to 06:00 GMT on Tuesday, the city was deluged by 147mm (5.8 inches) of rain.

The subsequent flooding was exacerbated by the runoff of rainwater from the Desert de les Palmes mountains, which rise inland to the north of the city.

The worst of the weather is now further east, towards the Balearic Islands, where there are severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds.

Here, and across the rest of Spain, there will be a general improvement during Friday.

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