‘Heatwave’ may return after temperatures rise for Bank Holiday weekend

As we patiently wait for the Bank Holiday weekend to arrive, Brits are wondering if good weather will be around the corner too.

The BBC long-range forecast has an inkling that the thunderstorms and rain are set to subside in time for glorious skies for the long weekend ahead.

Brits have been told predictions of a potential heatwave on the way in September, after a soggy and washout summer that's ended up being a letdown after lockdown restrictions were finally lifted.

However, how sunny will it be on the Bank Holiday weekend and when is the 'heatwave' lingering on the horizon meant to arrive?

According to BBC weather, mercury is expected to be above average for the final days of the month.

For the last weekend of August, the weather forecast writes: "Heading into next week high pressure is expected to build in from the north and bring some increasingly dry weather to the UK.

"An easterly breeze is expected for southern areas, which will help moderate the temperatures.

"But further north there will be calm, sunny afternoon with temperatures a bit above normal".

It adds eastern coasts may see cloudy skies while the west feels gentle breezy days.

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Moving to Bank Holiday Monday, (August 30), temperatures will appear "near or just a touch above average" but the first days of September are predicted to "weaken" and shift away to eastern Europe.

More downpours could be on the way from Iceland as a low-pressure system drifts closer to the UK from the northwest, with "unsettled weather and some wetter, cooler days" possible.

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But BBC Weather experts warn, due to tropical cyclone season in the Atlantic, and the Atlantic Ocean being warmer than normal around Bermuda, storms may be further north than they usually are.

This makes longer-range forecasts "uncertain", says the report, and the hurricanes could affect the weather pattern across the continent even if they are hundreds of miles away.

For the first week of September, it's expected a dry outlook, with temperatures remaining just below normal – but this could change.

However, for the middle of the month, stronger high pressure in western Europe could spark warmer patterns and drier skies, although confidence in predicting this far ahead is 'low'.

Other weather charts have said September 6 will be a scorching day for Brits with highs of 27C in northeast England, with the north seeing higher mercury than areas in the south and near the capital, London.

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