Heatwave forecast: 29C blast to scorch UK before Spanish plume bakes nation – weather maps

BBC Weather: Europe forecast continued heatwave conditions

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High pressure from Europe is predicted to send temperatures nudging towards a sizzling 30C in August. The hot air could bring highs of 29C to London and Kent on Tuesday, August 17, the latest heat maps from Netweather suggest. Elsewhere, Essex and Norwich could bask in 28C, while Doncaster, Leeds, Bournemouth and Brighton swelter at 27C.

And BBC Weather’s long-range forecast between Monday, August 16, to Sunday, August 29, predicted high pressure from the Mediterranean Sea to potentially bring another heatwave to the UK.

The forecast said: “By the middle of August and through the second half of the month, there are some encouraging signals for high pressure to begin to shift into the area from the south or southwest.

“This will most likely be a gradual process, taking several days or even a week to unfold before high pressure is in place nearby.

“At first, mid-August will likely see a continuation of the unsettled, cooler, and wetter pattern we expect for the first half of the month.

“As high pressure slowly pushes northward from the Mediterranean Sea, low pressure systems caught in the storm track and driven by the jet stream will be deflected northward too.

“Drier weather should spread in from the south, and this will also bring in a warmer, more tropical air mass to the UK.

“Temperatures should trend warmer than normal into late August, with some very warm or hot days possible if high pressure moves overhead for too long.

“If the high does linger overhead, a heatwave may develop as well, but confidence is low on this.

“Chances for heat increase later in the month, but high pressure will need to move into the correct spot for this to pan out.”

The forecast also suggested a Spanish plume could bring a “risk of heat” to southern parts of England during the end of this period too.

BBC Weather said: “For the final weeks of August, the forecast gets a little tricky to pin down, with a lot of conflicting signals in our forecasting tools.

“There are some early signs that high pressure may begin to shift away to the north or perhaps into northern Nordic regions.

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“This would then allow low pressure systems near Spain to shift in from the south, bringing a risk of heat or thunderstorms to southern areas.

“However, we may just see high pressure nearby and remain close enough to keep lows away. This is drier, but there is still a risk for heat.”

The Met Office added temperatures could soar “above average” during the second half of the month.

The forecast between Friday, August 20, and Friday, September 3, said: “Although confidence is very low through this period, a continuation of changeable conditions is most likely.

“Some more settled weather may develop, particularly towards the north and northeast of the UK.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the potential for hotter weather later in the month with rainfall most likely below average.”

And Netweather’s monthly forecast for August also expected hotter conditions to arrive towards the end of the month.

The forecast said: “This period will probably begin unsettled but with a growing tendency for high pressure to take over towards the end of August.

“Temperatures are generally expected to be closer to normal, but possibly turning warm/hot again late in the period.

“Overall, temperatures are thus expected to be a little above the long-term normal, probably by around 1C in most regions.

“Most regions are expected to be drier and sunnier than average overall due to high pressure dominating towards the end of the period.

“At this range, though, confidence is relatively low.”

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