‘He had no idea!’ Ex CIA officer slams Biden for ‘catastrophic’ Afghanistan intelligence

Joe Biden slammed for having 'no idea' about Taliban

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President Joe Biden has come under fierce criticism over the American Government’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan from a former member of the US intelligence community. Ex-CIA officer Buck Sexton provided a scathing breakdown of the Biden administration’s inability to grasp the inevitable consequences of the American withdrawal on Fox News. It comes after the US-backed Afghan National Army quickly capitulated with only token resistance leading to the Taliban declaring total victory on Sunday.

Mr Sexton told Fox News: “When you look at what Biden said a month ago and you see where we are now it is stunning.

“You have to believe that Joe Biden wasn’t lying to the American people about the 300,000 strong Afghan Army and how well-trained they were and how they were going to fight, and be able to maintain, at least not stability, a stalemate against the Taliban.

“They were rolled over! I mean there was basically no real fighting to speak of in the last couple of weeks, certainly no large level military engagements.

“Which raises questions about how could we have known so little.”

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“I mean I was in Afghanistan a decade ago and it feels that all the same storylines there continued on.

“We kept being told that progress was being made.

“Did Biden really know what was going on in this country?

“Because all you have to do is look at that speech a month ago and it is if though he had no idea and I think that is part of why this looks like such a catastrophic blunder.”

'He was wrong!' Joe Biden erupts at former Afghan President

It comes a day after Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has expressed concern the west could face a terrorist attack on the scale of the September 11 attacks after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

Mr Ellwood told Sky News the decision of the UK and US to pull forces out of the country was a “massive strategic error.” 

He told Sky News: “The folly of our decision to follow the United States I simply do not comprehend.

“This is a massive strategic error and the long-term consequences of this we will regret.


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“We are not just gifting this country to the very adversities we entered Afghanistan to defeat in the first place.

“But we are actually seeing terrorist organisations now regroup and return back to their havens in the country itself.”

The MP continued: “And really I predict another major it on the west on the likes of 9/11/

“Because the terrorist groups will want to bookend our time in Afghanistan to show how futile the last two decades have been.”

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