Harry should be ‘strip-searched’ for a wire at coronation, says Diana’s designer

The designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress has said Prince Harry should be “strip searched” ahead of King Charles’ coronation.

Princess Diana’s former dress designer David Emanuel has claimed the Duke of Sussex may try and sell recordings to Netflix.

Mr Emanuel has been linked to the Royal Family since he co-created Princess Diana’s ivory taffeta wedding dress which she wore for her wedding to then-Prince Charles in 1981.

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His claims were made on Dan Wooton’s GBNews debate show The Clash where conversation centred around whether the Duke and Duchess were motivated by money, reports the Express.

Part of the debate strayed into whether or not the two should attend Harry’s father’s coronation.

The news comes as reports claim that Harry and wife Meghan Markle are “fully expected” at the coronation at Westminster Abbey by the Royal family.

Mr Emanuel, 70, however, felt the call from Buckingham Palace was a sign that they had “given in”.

He then added – interrupting the conversation – that the Duke could be wearing a wire.

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He said: “I hope that he gets searched before he comes to this land because he could be wired up for Netflix. Let’s be honest. Because whatever is said, he will take back, and give it to Netflix and do more stories.”

Charlotte Griffiths, the Mail on Sunday’s Editor-at-Large told GBNews that conversation with the Sussexes would likely centre on the weather for fear of moving on to more sensitive subjects with the pair.

“Wonder why?” Mr Emanuel said.

According to the Express, a Royal Family source has said that if they do attend the ceremony, peace talks should not be anticipated.

Prince Harry’s new book, Spare, has garnered huge amounts of media attention partly because of its sharing of a huge number of private conversations between Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family.

Harry and Meghan's team have been approached for comment.

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