Harry downed tequila, smoked weed and watched Pixar after first date with Meghan

Prince Harry is said to have celebrated a successful first date with future wife Meghan Markle by necking a bottle of tequila and sticking a Pixar movie on.

The Duke of Sussex is also said to have been using weed while he downed his tequila beverage after his first date, according to his new book, Spare.

The apparently smitten Prince was panicked by the end of his first date and found himself "peacefully numb" and watching the hit Disney feature Inside Out.

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Tequila, weed and Inside Out is quite the triple bill, and it appears to have taken the edge off for the terrified Prince, who found himself FaceTiming Meghan just moments later.

The strange night comes as Harry recalled the events following the date with Meghan in his book, Spare, where he wrote: "I recounted the entire date, then pleaded: S**t, mate, what am I going to do?"

What he ended up doing was drink, drugs and a watch along of the Amy Poehler-starring children's cartoon.

The Duke continued: "Out came the tequila. Out came the weed. We drank and smoked and watched… Inside Out. An animated movie… about emotions. Perfect. I was thoroughly inside out.

"Then I was peacefully numb. Good weed dude. My phone rang. Oh, s**t. I held it up to my mate. It's her."

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It would appear that Harry's boozy, weed-filled relaxation following a seemingly tense date with Meghan Markle was interrupted by none other than the future Duchess of Sussex herself.

Harry recounted their conversation after Meghan returned to her hotel, FaceTiming the Duke, with Harry writing: "I moved to a quiet corner of the flat. She was back at her hotel. She'd washed her face.

"She said she was sorry she'd had to run. She didn't want me to think she hadn't enjoyed meeting me. I asked when I could see her again.

"Fourth of July. We set another date. Back at Soho House."

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