Harry and Meghan congratulated fan linked to Kate-bashing Twitter account

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called up a fan of theirs to thank her for her "enthusiastic support" — even though her Twitter account had previously posted abuse about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The user had made posts over the last year calling Kate an "anorexic wrinkly hoe", William an "a**hole* and referring to the Royal Family as "nasty and racist".

The @Henryscousin Twitter account, which has since been deactivated, was part of the online community informally dubbed the #SussexSquad which posts enthusiastic commentary about the Duke and Duchess.

In June, Harry and Meghan held a Zoom call with several members of the group to thank them for raising approximately £45,000 for charity to commemorate son Archie's first birthday.

Included in the call was a woman from Lisbon who was one of eight users linked to @Henryscousin, The Sun reports.

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The account has a history of negative tweets about senior royals. On September 14 2019, it posted: "The Queen wishes she could've raised her children half as good as Doria [Ragland, Meghan's mother] raised hers. Anyway . . ."

A second tweet followed up with: "Also, #AbolishTheMonarchy b***h."

In January of this year after news of Harry and Meghan's split with the Palace broke, the account tweeted: "Meghan's pit stop in the Royal Family is all these inbred hoes are gonna be talking about for the next 20 years.

"ShE StOLe OuR PrIncE!" She did, b***h! She f***ing did!"

The Cambridges were one of the account's main targets for abuse, with multiple tweets calling Kate "Karen" (slang for an annoying white woman) as well as an "anorexic wrinkly hoe" and a "corner plant".

"That ugly horse face b***h is just bitter she still lives in a dead woman's shadow," a January tweet read, although it's unclear who the account was talking about.

Under a video of Kate appearing to shake William's hand from her shoulder, Henryscousin remarked "I really do believe he's an a**hole."

There's no indication Harry or Meghan knew about the account's history of nasty tweets when they included the woman in the Zoom call, which she excitedly told followers about on June 11.

"This was a short call with the sole purpose to thank us all for our efforts in putting such an amazing effort in and also for our enthusiastic support in the past two years," she said, using the Henrycousin account.

"They both sounded so thankful, so moved and so happy for having our support.

"Meghan did tell me to, 'Pass on the message'.

"I'm humbled to have been used as a messenger to pass on their words of gratitude to you all. Calling me was like calling all of us.

"Acknowledging me personally and so directly was like doing the same to all of us."

Henryscousin was deactivated on August 8, and the woman claims she was not responsible for the past offensive posts as she was only one of eight #SussexSquad members with access to the account.

"I feel like it's not my place to condemn or approve another person's tweets," she told The Sun.

"It's their opinion. Henryscousin was like a forum and I had no control what other people posted.

"The group disbanded and the account was deactivated due to irreconcilable differences."

Daily Star Online has contacted the Sussexes for comment.

One of the causes Harry and Meghan have championed over the years is for less bullying and hate speech on social media.

Harry in particular has spoken out about online trolls on several occasions after he witnessed firsthand the nasty comments directed at Meghan after their relationship was made public.

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