Hamas sniff ISIS ‘chemical courage’ drug to ‘feel invincible’ before massacres

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    Hamas fighters launched their attack on Israel while high on a "chemical courage" drug that made them "feel invincible," new reports claim.

    Members of the militant group are understood to have taken Captagon, an illicit substance also favoured by ISIS members, before unleashing hell on a music festival near the border with Gaza on October 7. The massacre at the the Supernova Desert Music Festival saw hundreds of people killed and others kidnapped on motorbikes, the Daily Star previously reported.

    The drug has now been seized from Hamas members taken prisoner by Israeli forces and militants killed in battle were also found to be carrying the substance in pill or powder form, according to Israeli news site Channel 12. It is believed the chemical compound gave terrorists a sense of "euphoria" while committing "the inhuman murders" of some 200 people at the festival alone.

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    Footage has since been posted to X (formerly Twitter) showing bags of white powder in the back of a Hamas truck, although it is unclear whether the drug is Captagon. The post is captioned: "Documentation taken by a friend of mine in the surrounding settlements: the terrorists arrived with bags of cocaine to fuel their satanic urge."

    The drug, also known as Fenethylline, is a synthetic substance which also helps keep fighters alert and focused. Historically it has been used as an alternative to amphetamine in the treatment of what would now be known as ADHD, as well as narcolepsy and depression.

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    However it was found to be highly addictive and is now illegal in most countries – but is still trafficked from southern Europe to a number of Arab nations, according to the US Department of Justice. It can fetch a price of between £4 and £15, reports The Sun.

    ISIS members even used the drug when carrying out their own terrorist operations. Addiction to Captagon is thought to be rife among recruits, who are pumped full of the substance to numb their senses before being sent out on deadly missions.

    More than 1,400 Israelis have been killed since the attack was launched on October 7, while it is believed close to 4,000 Palestinians have lost their lives. The deadly festival where Hamas fighters struck on the morning of their first attack saw a number of young people kidnapped, including Noa Argamani, 26, who could be heard screaming: "Don't kill me," as she was wheeled away on the back of a militant's motorbike.

    Noa's parents recently released a touching tribute to her on her 26th birthday as they begged for her safe return. "This beautiful woman is named Noa. She was taken hostage by Hamas during a music festival," the post read, alongside a picture of the missing woman.

    "Today is her 26th birthday. Her parents ask that we all wish her a happy birthday with the hope that maybe somehow these messages will reach her. Please share. #HappyBirthdayNoa."

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