‘Grandfather’ of modern Neo-Nazism at war with satanic Neo-Nazis over book

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    The "grandfather" of modern Neo-Nazism has found himself at war with another sect of modern-day far-right followers after publishing his book.

    Nazi James Mason has found himself fighting off Satanic Neo-Nazis after publishing his works, which appear to have angered a small collection of offshoot Nazis.

    The Order of Nine Angles, which appears to be no more than three people after disconnecting themselves from the neo-Nazi groups due to connections with acts of violence and paedophilia, has targeted Mr Mason.

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    Despite the seemingly small size of the Order of Nine Angles, also known as O9A, it appears they still hold major influence in the scummy circles of far-right activity.

    Mason has since accused the group of being fronted by members of the FBI, and claims they are a plant organisation used to rumble illegal activities in other parts of the Neo-Nazi groups.

    The far-right writer believes this due to their association with 666, claiming an edition of the book they released was too high of a standard for that of a Neo-Nazi Satanism group.

    A fuming video essay from Mason heard him call out the points of interest in the book, and what he and others now label the "federal edition" of the 666 book, Vice reported.

    He said: "We here call it the 'federal edition' because of its high quality, hardback, coded stock, colour throughout… most impressive! Not only that, I initially heard this was (a) $100 volume, and I can believe it, but I'm told now they're giving it away."

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    But Mason's furious words appear to have triggered certain parts of the Neo-Nazi cell, with podcaster and investigator Fritz McAlinden clarifying the strange video the Nazi writer published.

    Mr McAlinden said "a beef with James Mason ballooned into yet another realization that National Socialist Order was still full of Nazi Satanists" and that "a big chunk of them" split off.

    He continued to note that many "went off to make the (neo-Nazi cell) and ‘build a community of true evil and all that nonsense".

    The cowardly collections of warring factions were dismissed by McAlinden, who added: "This is the classic thing where they all want to be the most evil but none of them want to get in trouble."

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