Governor’s daughter, 21, and two other women brutally executed outside nightclub

The governor of Paraguay has been left mourning his daughter's unexpected death after she was tragically shot dead outside a nightclub alongside her drug dealer boyfriend and two other young women.

The gunman was captured on camera as he jumped out of a vehicle and fired 107 shots in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero on Saturday, October 9.

Haylee Acevedo, 21, her boyfriend Omar Álvarez, 32, and friends Kaline Reinoso, 22, and Rhamye Borges, 18, were ambushed as they were about to leave the club on the weekend.

Paraguay Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio revealed that governor Acevedo rejected an offer from Amambay's police director to provide him and his family a security detail back in September, the minister told Paraguayan network ABC TV on Tuesday.

It was reported that the suspects were targeting Álvarez, who was allegedly involved in drug trafficking along the Paraguay-Brazil border region.

"We are overwhelmed by organized crime. My daughter was in the wrong place with the wrong person,' governor Ronald Acevedo told ABC TV on Tuesday.

The governor also set part his daughter from Álvarez and claims that they were not a couple, reports Daily Mail.

Acevedo and her friends Borges and Reinoso were all training to be doctors at Paraguay Central University's Pedro Juan Caballero campus.

Álvarez was shot 32 times. Reinoso received 14 shots and Borges was shot 10 times. Acevedo was struck by six bullets.

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On Monday, police raided a home in the Pedro Juan Caballero neighborhood of Villa Estefan – located around four miles from where the shooting took place. Officers arrested six Brazilian men who were allegedly involved in the attack.

Detectives identified them as Hywulysson Forest; Juarez da Silva; Luis Silva; Gabriel Veiga; Farley da Silva; and Douglas Ribeiro, said Brazilian news outlet G1.

It was reported that the vehicle used by the gunmen was discovered burned in the Fortuna Guazú neighborhood on Sunday.

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Officers arrested a seventh suspect that same day, following a high speed chase which led to a gun exchange. Two other suspects managed to escape and remain at large.

Police deputy César Silguero told news outlet ABC: "We are gathering all the data, there are many closed circuit cameras that we are reviewing.

"Apparently, one of the detainees closely resembles one of the hitmen.

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"On the other hand, the truck that was burned last night was not reported as stolen, but we found photos that it was in this house."

In the last two weeks, there has been an increase in murders in the Paraguayan border town of Pedro Juan Caballero – including the assassination of city council candidate Néstor Echeverría on October 1.

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