Google Maps captures man with trousers round ankles as woman performs ‘sex act’

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A woman was left stunned after finding a man in a very compromising position while searching for an address on Google Maps.

The Street View user claims she was searching for the Warehouse Project in Manchester when she came across a couple getting frisky against the brick wall.

The man seems to have his full genitalia to the wind as a woman is stood fully clothed in front of him, appearing to perform a sex act on him.

Although, her stance did very little to hide the bloke's dignity as he is fully exposed to the camera van as it passed by.

The shocked user screenshotted the site and took to Twitter, writing: "There is no way I have just searched up the address for WHP and on Google Maps Street View is a guy getting a h**d j*b down the street it’s at."

The image first went viral in 2013 but has now resurfaced, although has been removed from Google Maps.

Shocked social media users took to the replies poking fun at the sight.

One user said: "Imagine how the Google maps driver must have felt seeing that."

Another wrote: "But if you look closely, the woman is giving directions."

"VIP looks different this year," a third replied.

A fourth added: "Terrible 3/10, she doesn't even look a****d. Terrible technique."

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Others accused the user of faking the sighting as they wrote "The things people will do for likes."

It comes following an eagle-eyed user who spotted a man prancing around in just his boxer shorts on a busy street in Mexico City – but it turns out the "naked cowboy" resembles a famous street performer in New York.

Despite walking around without a top, the man surprisingly remembered to accessorise as he paraded a cowboy hat with matching boots.

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