Golden Retriever’s innocent reaction to hijacking little girl’s hammock

A golden retriever was caught on video annoying a little girl after jumping into the child's hammock and sitting on her.

In the clip, filmed on February 8, a chubby female dog named Pooh climbs up into the hammock and flops herself down on top of the child.

The little girl wails and screams for help while the massive dog continues to sit on her as if nothing is wrong – with a particularly innocent expression visible on the mutt's face.

Chatrapon Netwong, who recorded the clip in Sisaket, northeast Thailand, joked: "The dog weighs more than 20kgs. No wonder my sister was screaming."

This comes after a golden retriever went viral thanks to his adorable habit of biting his lips whenever he hears a favourite word.

Chilli the two-year-old goldie makes the gummy smile often and brightened up the life of his 25-year-old owner after she had to have surgery.

She told Daily Star: "He usually makes that face when you say the words 'do you want to…' or if you say 'what's that?'"

Another winsome golden retriever pulls the most ridiculous expression when she knows she is in trouble.

The weird "smile" has left viewers in stitches and people said she looked "cute and beautiful".

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, according to the website UKPets.

They are a type of gundog and were bred to retrieve waterfowl like ducks and geese for hunters with guns.

It added that the first yellow dog was purchased in Brighton, England, in 1862, and the descendants were mixed with Red Setter and Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) breeds.

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