Golden retriever turns into ‘pizza reviewer’ and racks up 180k followers

A dog has become an internet sensation after picking up a new “career” to become a “pizza reviewer”.

Wally the golden retriever has racked up 186,000 followers on his dedicated Instagram @wallacethegolden thanks to his love of food, and in particular, pizzas.

In one clip, Wally waits patiently in the kitchen as owner Carolyn brings in a steaming box of fresh cheese pizza.

The hungry pooch has his eyes set on the melted cheese toppings and as soon as his mum takes out a slice, he takes a big bite.

Wally could not resist sticking his tongue out and asking for another bite.

In another video watched nearly 50,000 times, the four-year-old canine gets excited when Carolyn brings home another pizza.

He takes a big chomp, getting both the cheese toppings and the crust while his mum tries to save some for herself.

At the end, Wally gives a rating of 7.9 out of 10 for the gourmet food.

In an exclusive interview to Daily Star Online, the 31-year-old, from Florida, US, said Wally loves all food and really begs for pizza.

She said: “Pizza is definitely his favourite! Chicken is a close second!

"When we first offered him a bite, he took one small bite very politely. The next time, he tried to take the whole slice out of my hand! So we knew he loved it!"

But the mum-of-two revealed that she is the real judge behind the scene to give the reviews.

"We use Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) as our example of what makes a great pizza review!" she added. "He’s the best at it and we love watching them! That was our inspiration."

Wally’s latest pizza review is a mouth-watering mountain pizza loaded with creamy cheese from Colorado.

Surprisingly, the hungry pooch is not impressed to see the thick crust but decides to give it a go for the taste.

The “bready” texture leaves Wally to give a 6.8 out of 10 for the pizza.

Carolyn told Daily Star Online that Wally follows a very healthy diet and only eats cheese pizza when she is filming for content.

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  • She explained: "We are very careful about him not getting very much ‘people food’ only small amounts on occasion.

    "He only eats cheese pizza, no extra toppings. We try to keep it as simple as possible for him.

    However, some viewers commented on Wally’s Instagram and asked Carolyn not to feed him pizza.

    One warned: "Do not feed dogs pizza, garlic and onions are toxic to dogs.

    "Dogs can also be lactose intolerant or sensitive to wheat."

    "Don’t feed them like this please it causes diabetes and other problems," another wrote.

    But Carolyn said Wally only gets a small amount and she is not giving him pizza all the time.

    "He eats a very healthy diet and is a very healthy weight," she added.

    "It’s very controlled for content creation purposes!"

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