Golden retriever and husky puppies mix up their parents when getting milk

A pet shop owner was left in hysterics when he found his litters of golden retriever and husky puppies drinking milk from each others' mums.

Mr Zhang, from Xuzhou in eastern China, said the two mother dogs gave birth to a litter of puppies at around the same time and not long after their puppies got mixed up.

The viral Douyin video shows the golden retriever mum nursing five husky puppies and the husky mum watching her babies at the side while feeding the golden retriever puppies.

The two mums don't seem to be bothered too much as the hungry puppies carry on drinking.

Mr Zhang told local media on Wednesday (March 24): "It all started because the husky mum did not have enough milk to feed her babies at the first few days, so the husky puppies went for the golden retriever mum to get milk.

"The husky mum got her milk back later but her puppies got used to drinking from the golden retriever.

"And the golden retriever puppies were forced to drink from the husky mum."

He added that the two mother dogs are about the same age.

"They grow up together and give birth to their babies together," Mr Zhang continued.

"The husky has five puppies and the golden retriever has nine."

Viewers were left creasing and joked the puppies got themselves a godmother from the mix-up.

One eagle-eyed dog lover said: "There's only one husky who recognises its mum while the others are trying to get milk from the golden retriever."

"The way the two mums look at each other," a second penned. "There isn't much they can do."

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