Golden retriever and cat become viral sensations for their cute friendship

An adorable animal partnership has led to a cat and a dog becoming viral superstars.

Golden Retriever Samson, 2, and Scottish Fold kitten Cleo, who is 4-months-old, live with their owners Lea and Eric Hendey, 27, in San Francisco, US.

The pair were adopted when Cleo was 8-weeks-old and immediately hit it off thanks to Samson’s soft nature.

Lea, who works as an operations analyst at DoorDash, said: “Samson has always behaved a little bit like a cat.

"He has always been a bit more reserved in his interactions with other animals and people. We always joke that he's a cat in a dog's body.

“Samson is also sweet with all things and has a very good temperament so he immediately was sweet to the kitten and wanted to take care of her. Samson was in love with the kitten as soon as we got her.

“On the car ride home after picking her up, Cleo was crying and Samson cried with her because he was so worried for her. When we first introduced them face to face, Samson immediately tried to play with Cleo.

"Cleo wasn't so sure until she had been home for a few days.”

Lea said Samson and Cleo love to do everything from finding a nice spot in the sun and napping together to playing together.

“Samson also likes to lick Cleo's face after she's eaten so he can get some crumbs and clean her off and he loves watching her play -sometimes he takes her cat toys and tries to play with them,” she added.

Lea also has another Labrador Retriever, Calvin, who is four-years-old but Samson was the one who really bonded with Cleo the most.

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“Calvin likes Cleo too but he is not as captivated by her as Samson is. They do all get along though and we all go on adventures together,” she said.

Lea regularly documents Samson and Cleo’s adorable friendship on Instagram, where her heart-warming snaps of the pair have garnered a whopping 92,000 followers thanks to her heart-warming snaps of the pair.

“We started an Instagram account almost four years ago when we got our first dog. We just keep our Instagram account going to save memories of our family throughout the years,” she said.

“We often find ourselves looking back at our Instagram to remember the adventures we have been on and the places we have visited. We bring our animals on all our adventures – we do a lot of road trips, hikes, and even international travel.”

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And Samson is not only Cleo's best friend but also Lea’s medical response service dog, meaning he is specifically trained to help prevent medical episodes and mitigate the impact of medical episodes so that she can recover more quickly.

Lea said: “He is a very important part of the family. We bring our animals on all the adventures we can and spend as much time as we can making sure their needs are cared for. We will never be able to live without having our home filled with pets and we know the trend will continue forever.”

And for those dog and cat owners who are hoping for their fluffy companions to get along, Lea adds: “At the end of the day, the cat and dog getting along depends on the individual characters of each animal.”

“Some dogs will chase cats, and some cats will never like to be around dogs. We already knew that our dogs would be sweet to the cat because that is just their natural temperament.

"If you aren't so sure, I would recommend introducing the animals slowly – maybe keeping them in separate rooms for a while until you can introduce them face to face.”

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