Glam Instagram model wanted for ‘running drug cartel linked to brutal murders’

Police are hunting for an Instagram model who they suspect is funding her lavish lifestyle by operating a murderous drug cartel.

Jennifer Rovero, a glam Brazilian fitness influencer with 17,200 Instagram followers, is said to operate the trafficking organisation in the municipalities of Paranagua and Matinhos in Brazil's state of Parana.

According to the Civil Civil Police of Parana (PCPR) Rovero's gang is linked to a number of murders in the region, which have all occurred over the past year.

Local news outlets report that the gang is made up of 21 members, 17 of which are now behind bars leaving the model and three other at large.

The 17 were arrested last Thursday (October 21) by the PCPR.

Chief police investigator Rodrigo Brown said: "We have been noticing since the beginning of the year an increase in the number of murders here in the region of Paranagua, on the coast.

"Violent crimes, always committed in broad daylight, and this caught the attention of the Security Secretariat and the Civil Police Department."

In their hunt for Rovero and her gang the PCPR have served 44 search warrants.

They have also seized an eyewatering amount of contraband from the gang's properties, including 800gs (1.8 lbs) of crack cocaine, 1.8kgs (4.0 lbs) of marijuana, 4.4kgs (9.7 lbs) of cocaine, seven firearms, eight mobile phones and more than R$35,000 (£4,601) in cash.

According to the news site Noticias 7, the cops have also confiscated several luxury cars and high-end apartments linked to the gang.

Rovero regularly flaunts her expensive designer clothes in photos online, in which she is often visiting expensive places or driving fancy cars.

However, her Instagram page has now been set to 'private' so it is not yet clear how her followers have reacted to the accusations.

The investigation is ongoing and as of today no updates on the suspect's whereabouts have been released.

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