German shepherd throws almighty ‘hissy fit’ after owner tells him it’s bath time

An overly-dramatic German shepherd threw an almighty tantrum after his owner tried to get him to have a bath.

The hilarious footage was shared to TikTok by owner April Varian where it has been seen a staggering 9.6 million times.

It begins with the pooch snapping at a woman’s attempt to drag him into the bath.

He then leans back in a definite attempt to make it as difficult as possible to be picked up.

When the woman continues to try and get him washed, the pooch growls and kicks out with his back paws.

The pooch then starts wailing as April drags her towards the bath.

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Those watching can be heard bursting out into hysterics at the stroppy dog’s actions.

Since being shared in June, thousands of viewers have shared similar encounters with their German shepherds.

“I had a German shepherd and them bitches be dramatic,” one said.

Another added: “Every German shepherd ever. And this is as a dog groomer.”

A third commented: “I have two German shepherds and if they even hear the faucet they are running for it.”

It comes after a golden retriever went viral on TikTok for his adorable daily routine of sitting in the exact same spot to watch the sunset.

Another goldie named Zoey also recently hit headlines after he started sulking in the backseat of a car as he was denied his favourite drink from Starbucks.

Her owner told Daily Star: "Zoey is playful, full of energy, and very smart.

"She loves food. Let me clarify, she is obsessed with food.

"It is funny how we have to watch her and at times entertain her so that Kobe [their other dog] can actually have a treat without being interrupted.

"One of Zoey’s favorite treats is whipped cream. When we realised that, we then took both of them to get pup cups and they both enjoyed it very much.

"Now every time we leave our house and go for a ride Zoey expects to get her pup cup no matter the circumstances."

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