George Galloway dismantles ‘big myth’ of EU solidarity as Italy is left ‘abandoned’

The European Union has been slammed for their response to the coronavirus pandemic despite their promotion of “EU solidarity”. The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte earlier this week accused the member states of being slow in coming to the country’s aid over the health crisis. Former Labour MP George Galloway revealed how this signified the union’s values of cooperation and help were a “big myth” after all.

Mr Galloway told viewers: “It’s day whatever-it-is in the time of corona.

“Some things have become more clear, some things have become more muddy.

“It is clear that EU solidarity is a big myth.

“Ask the people of Italy who’ve been entirely abandoned by their richer EU fellow members.”

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He continued: “It’s clear that international borders exist after all.

“The French President Emmanuel Macron was going to close his with Britain unless Boris Johnson shifted his policy orientation.

“Well he might have been right or he might have been wrong about that.

“But bear this in mind, 50 percent nearly of all British foodstuffs comes from abroad, and a lot of it through the Channel ports from France.”

The commentator added: “So if Macron had shut his border to us, we would now be starving.

“It’s clear also in this green and pleasant land where it scarcely stops raining that 80 to 90 percent of all our fruit and vegetables are imported from abroad.

“I have no idea how that happened, but it goes without saying that without those imports and without the 50 percent of all foodstuffs that comes in from abroad Britain would not now just be suffering under the coronavirus but food security would have collapsed.”

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Mr Galloway also spoke about the UK’s “slow” response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

He said: “It’s clear that Boris Johnson’s British Government has a policy which is neither fish nor fowl.

“It has a policy which is neither one thing nor the other.

“In any case, it was way too late.

“At least 10 days, maybe 14 days too late in being implemented.”

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