Gasps as Royal Household Cavalry member ‘faints’ at Remembrance Sunday service

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A member of the Household Cavalry appears to have fainted ahead of the Remembrance Sunday ceremony as worried the public watched on.

Photographs show the guard lying face down on the ground with their helmet having rolled off their head.

Crowds in the area look on in concern as other members of the Household Cavalry remain professional with one member glancing down at their fellow guard.

It is not currently known what happened to the guard or their condition as a result of the suspected fall.

The Household Cavalry is formed of two regiments, The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals.

The incident came as members of the Royal Family came together to lay a wreath on the top step of the Cenotaph, which was carried out by Prince Charles.

Earlier, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had a sprained back and "with great regret" would not be attending the Remembrance Sunday service.

The Palace had earlier this week confirmed she would attend but the injury, which is unrelated to her hospital stay, has caused her to cancel.

Kate Middleton and Prince William looked solemn as they arrived for the Remembrance Sunday service following news of the Queen pulling out of the event.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined for the occasion by other royals, including Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

Prince Charles also celebrated his 73rd birthday today as he laid the wreath on Remembrance Sunday in the Queen's absence.

Royal Navy Petty Officer Ben Shread, of the Combat Camera team, said: "It would be nice if the boss was here.

  • Royals look solemn at Remembrance Sunday service after Queen pulls out attending

"She's the head of the armed services. I don't know if she has ever missed the Remembrance parade before. "So, if there is a reason she is not here it must be a very serious one. We all wish her well."

The Prime Minister was among politicians laying a wreath at the war memorial in central London as he said it was a moment to "come together to remember those who sacrificed everything in service of our country".

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Boris Johnson continued: "It's a sacred ceremony that has endured for more than a century because we know the unpayable debt we owe those brave servicemen and women.

"We know that for our tomorrow they gave their today.

"And we know that here at home and around the world, thousands of men and women in uniform still stand ready to defend our unity and our way of life, our values, and at a cost few among us would be willing to pay".

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