Funny video shows Benidorm tourists sprinting at full speed to nab sunbeds

Holidaymakers in Benidorm 'sprinting' to get sunbed

Tourists at a resort in beloved Spain’s Benidorm have shown an incredible dedication to gaining a prime spot by the pool.

A clip shows several tourists sprinting as soon as the pool opened to grab the best-located sunbeds at an unnamed hotel in the southeastern Spanish seaside town.

Armed with their beach towels and bags filled with all the necessary items to enjoy a day in the sun, many visitors can be seen running for their preferred spots, while a few of those who followed them were filmed walking at a fast pace.

This comes amid reports of sunbed wars across Spain and other beloved holiday hotspots.

At 7.35am on August 9, GMB’s journalist Nick Dixon shared a brief video filmed at a hotel in the southern Spanish seaside town of Benalmádena showing a metres-long queue of early risers patiently waiting for the pool area to open.

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Upon posting the clip, the journalist wrote: “Sunbed queue number one at this Costa del Sol hotel. The other queue for the prime spots around the pool is even longer.”

A few fellow social media users commented on the choice of many tourists to get up early to get sunbeds by the pool.

One, @AshleyLancs8, replied to Mr Dixon: “I would rather not go on holiday than have to endure that every morning!”

Another, @JFVision, said: “I actually couldn’t deal with this, if there are no beds left when you leisurely get up, just get off into the town or head to the beach, people are mad.”

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And @GavinTosney simply added: “Not my kind of holiday.”

The frenzy to gain the best spots in holiday resorts is well known, and recently brought a mum holidaying in the Spanish Alicante region to tears.

Cayleigh Tuffs, 34, described her “horrendous” experience as she tried to reserve a space by the pool for her family on their very first day in the sun-soaked resort.

Fellow holidaymakers, she claimed, were “like ants scurrying for food” when they descended on the poolside that first morning.

Much as the tourists filmed running to their sunbeds, Ms Tuffs saw people running through the “massively slippery” area and throwing towels across the pool.

Proper fights have at times broken out at resorts when people were spotted taking hold of sunbeds with towels in the early morning only to leave them empty for hours.

This frown-upon tactic is also carried out at the beach, but some local councils are fighting it.

Earlier this summer, Benidorm’s city council warned holidaymakers the first six metres between the water and the sand should remain free of clutter.

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