Fun-loving mum of two, 40, with just months left to live hosts her own wake

A mum-of-two, who has been tragically told she only has months to live, decided to host her own wake.

Heather Bone, 40, had to live through an awful ordeal in 2019 when doctors dismissed an 'unusual swelling' in her hand which scans later revealed was a symptom of cancer.

The brave woman decided to host the party which she named her "wake me up before you go-go", celebrating her life's good memories with her friends and family.

"They just sent me home and said to come back if it gets worse. I came back the next day as the swelling had gone up," Heather said.

Adding: "They told me they couldn't find anything wrong."

She was given antibiotics but the swelling continued to get worse and eventually spread to her breast.

She said: "I was sent for a two-week referral scan for breast cancer. By that time, my breast was massively swollen.

"They found I had inflammatory breast cancer. I had my chemo, radiotherapy and surgery to remove the breast."

In 2018, Heather married her partner of 17-years, Daniel, at St Peter’s Church in Selsey, Sussex.

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Having been given the all-clear in May 2020, she celebrated her 40th birthday during lockdown.

But by October, she was told that the cancer had come back but was now in her brain and she may now only have weeks to live.

Instead of shrinking at the idea of her death, fun-loving Heather organised and attended her own wake which she called her "wake me up before I go-go."

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Her whole family attended the "intimate" occasion which, thanks to the kindness of strangers, she barely paid a penny for.

She appeared on This Morning where he won the dosh on your doorstep competition of £1,000 which she put towards the wake.

Heather, who has lived in Selsey for 17 years and used to work as a dinner lady at Seal Primary School, thanked the community for their support.

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She added: "People that I've never met have sent me flowers, beautiful messages and have really supported me. I want to say thank you to these people I've literally never met.

"Some have taken me to hospital and turned up with gifts.

"A lady called Lucy, from Beauty Bake, did a cake sale, raising over £1,000.

"It's just been so lovely. I did not realise people were that nice. They've been amazing."

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Heather, who has been documenting her journey on social media, has encouraged people to 'check yourself' adding: "If you know within your body, that there is something wrong, don't let the doctors tell you otherwise.

"If I had accepted that they told me it was an infection, I probably would have been dead by now.

"About one to five per cent of people who have breast cancer have Inflammatory breast cancer and it is the fastest growing type.

"Doctors don't know enough about inflammatory breast cancer unfortunately so it can be easily misdiagnosed."

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