Full list of ‘UK’s unhealthiest cities’ – and it makes bad reading for the Welsh

The unhealthiest city in the UK has been outed – and look away now if you're from south Wales.

A new groundbreaking study has compiled Google results from across the United Kingdom to determine where Brits are most and least likely to search for ways to get fitter.

Using the data round 27 key search terms related to health and fitness, boffins at Bulk.com combined average monthly searches in 62 cities and large towns to reveal the monthly searches per 100,000 people in that area.

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For 61 of the 62 cities, the most searched for term was ‘gyms near me’. The anomaly was East Kilbride, where people searched for the phrase ‘calorie calculator’ slightly more.

Meanwhile, the term ‘swimming pool near me’ was also heavily searched for, with it ranking as the second most searched for term in 48 of the 62 cities – including in every city ranked in the top 10.

But where were people steadfastly refusing to Google exercise tips?

I'm afraid that crown goes to the Welsh town of Newport, sitting on the Severn Estuary just 12 miles outside Cardiff.

There, just 255 searches for exercise key terms are done every month per 100,000 people.

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To put that into perspective, the study found that the healthiest city in the UK was Bristol, where that same number of average monthly searches sat at 5,636..

That means the population of Bristol is, statistically speaking, 2,110% more health-conscious than Newportians.

Other noticeable cities in the top 10 worst offenders include Wakefield in Yorkshire, which came in third; and the Essex hive of Chelmsford, sitting in a miserly 9th place.

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So, without further ado, here's the full list of the UK's unhealthiest cities, where people simply aren't interested in Googling exercise queries:

  1. Newport
  2. East Kilbride
  3. Wakefield
  4. Derry
  5. Lancaster
  6. Winchester
  7. Doncaster
  8. Carlisle
  9. Chelmsford
  10. Dundee

Addressing the findings, a Bulk.com spokesperson said: “Every month, there are thousands of searches for terms related to health and fitness in the UK.

"This research offers a fascinating insight into where those searches are predominantly coming from and ultimately highlights where in the UK people are most interested in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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“Seeking a healthy lifestyle is the first step to improving not only your physical health currently and for the future, but is a great step in supporting your mental wellbeing through exercise and healthy choices.”

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