Freak ‘coronavirus hailstones’ in Mexico are ‘a message from God to stay at home’

A video shows the huge hailstones in the northern Mexican town, with locals calling them “incredible”. The spikey, circular hailstones have been compared to the shape of COVID-19 cells. One social media user called Darlene said: “Yesterday coronavirus hailstone, God sent it to our home to remind us to stay put”.

Another user ‘CM Móni’ added: “Is this a subliminal message from our creator?”

World Meteorologist Organisation, Jose Miguel Vinas, has said the hailstones are common in big storms.

He said to media in Mexico: “Inside a storm, a hailstone will start off as a small spherical form and accumulate layers of ice on top.

“During very strong storms when the hailstone are already quite big and smash together, many of them fuse together, smashing together and squashing each other, forming spikes of ice.

“So what is falling is a squashed disks of ice, smashed into that shape by a violent blow or the fusing of different sized hailstones, which results in this star shape.”

More than 5,000 people have died from COVID-19 in Mexico and there have been more than 50,000 recorded cases.

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This week Mexico has restarted businesses in the automotive, contraction and mining sector.

This comes despite many people being concerned the work sites are not safe to social distance to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

There has been pressure from the United States to reopen factories in the country, which are vital to supply chains of US-based businesses.


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Mexicans Against Corruption claimed this week that Mexico City authorities were hiding the true number of COVID-19 deaths.

They claimed the actual number of deaths in the city was 4,577 and not the 1,322 confirmed currently.

Weather experts have predicted that there will be a higher than average number of storms during the 2020 hurricane season.

This is because the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean are expecting more active seasons.

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