France crisis: PM’s chilling warning as ‘lives won’t be the same’ after lockdown lifted

France has been one of the worst-hit European nations when dealing with the coronavirus. France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe addressed the country on Sunday and insisted the health crisis was not over. He noted that after lockdown is lifted on May 11 it will take a long time for life to return to normal.


Mr Philippe said: “The health crisis isn’t over.

“Our lives after 11th May won’t be exactly the same as before confinement.

“We will fight this by changing our habits. This will be our next challenge, and we will make it.

“The goal of the lockdown was to decrease the number of hospitalisations and people requiring intensive care.

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“To achieve that, it was important that the French respect the rules.

“In general, people have done that.”

“Another goal was to limit the virus to certain regions.

“That’s what we have managed to do.

“This shows the civility of the French and the capacity to adapt to an extreme situation.”

He added: “We have to organise our lives for the month ahead.

“This virus is still killing people every day. People are losing parents and partners who they cannot bury with proper dignity in the manner in which they would like.”

The Prime Minister also promised to release a full plan on when the Government would be reopening schools and shops.

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The first draft of this plan is expected to be presented by April 22.

President Emmanuel Macron has said the country will lift its lockdown measures from May 11th but this will be gradual.

Schools and businesses will begin to reopen but bars, cafes and restaurants will not reopen until early summer.

France has also reported that there have been 547 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

This brings the total death toll to over 20,000 in the country.

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