Former NHS nurse slams Lidl’s ‘unacceptable response’ to shoppers without masks

A former NHS nurse has slammed a supermarket for its "unacceptable response" to shoppers refusing to wear face masks.

Angela Snell was fuming at Lidl's response to the new rule, forcing her to avoid shopping at the store in Sheffield.

The 65-year-old retired NHS worker said: “I went about two weeks ago and there must have been half a dozen people without face masks.

"There was one woman shopping with two men and none of them had masks and they weren’t keeping their distance at all.

"I felt quite unsafe but when I said something to a member of staff he told me ‘they’re nothing but morons but we can’t do anything about it’."

After feeling unsafe, Ms Snell called the customer helpline where she says she was informed the store should be questioning those without masks.

The supermarket also said they would look into the issue, she says, reports The Star.

Ms Snell, who worked at Weston Park Hospital then returned to the store on February 8 where she noticed the same thing again.

She raised her concerns again and was told "they'd had a memo round advising them they couldn't say anything," she claims.

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The ex-nurse has contacted customer service again and said she will not return to the store until she receives a satisfactory response, and has also contacted South Yorkshire Police and her MP, Gill Furniss.

Ms Snell also noted the store Aldi does not have the same protocol when it comes to enforcing face masks.

She said at Aldi there is always someone at the door checking if people are following rules and "ensuring it’s one customer at a time.”

DailyStar has contacted Lidl for comment.

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