Floor plans provide essential tool to help buyers find the right fit

Nearly half of potential homebuyers rely on floor plans and 3D tours to aid in their decision-making, according to the 2022 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report.

According to the report, when researching online, buyers use photos, detailed listing information about the property, contacts for realtors, virtual tours, and floor plans.

The report says that buyers who used the internet during their home search favor the following features in real estate listings:

  • 85 percent photos
  • 80 percent detailed listing information about the property
  • 53 contact information for realtor
  • 49 percent floor plans
  • 39 percent virtual tours

Nearly 50 percent also said having access to floor plans was very useful.

  • 49% very useful
  • 33% somewhat useful
  • 8% not useful
  • 11% did not use or were not available

Kendra Lanterman with West + Main Homes agreed that sellers should consider using all available tools, like floor plans to promote their properties.

“Research shows that about 70 percent of house hunters spend their time viewing listing on their computers before entering a home,” she says.

“Providing them with visuals including pictures, videos, full 360-degree views, and floor plans gives buyers a chance to truly understand the layout and how rooms tie into each other.”

Including floor plans goes a step beyond photos, she says.

“With the floor plan, you know whether that door is a closet or the entrance to the basement.”

Amy Terry with 8z Real Estate says generating floor plans is easy and cost-effective. The same software that creates Matterport 3D tours can generate floor plans. The tool makes it easier for a potential buyer to determine whether a property could be a good fit.

“Pictures alone can be difficult to interpret and do not provide specific information about the needs or suitability of a particular property,” Terry says.

“Viewing a 3-D guide and floor plans gives everyone involved an easier way to eliminate homes online; it includes simple dimensions on each room and can help buyers figure out what furniture can fit in each space,” she says.

The tool also gives potential buyers a better understanding of the home’s flow.

“It’s easier to understand,” she says. “For example, some people may not want the primary bedroom next to the guest bedroom, and this helps them easily understand how the house actually looks like and flows.”

Jill Schafer with Kentwood Real Estate says adding floor plans and 3D tours became essential during the pandemic to give buyers another option to view a home without entering.

“It’s also especially helpful for people viewing the home from a distance,” she says. “If a potential buyer is coming in from out of town and only has a limited amount of time to look at properties, using online tools helps them narrow their options to make the most of their time. It’s incredibly helpful.”

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